Who is the Cunning Wife?

An animist, spirit worker and traveler, writer, witch, crafter, diviner, wife, and mother. . Something of an aesthete, in that I find the creation and experience of art and beauty to be transformative. Crafter of magical and mundane things. Informal student of folk tales. An avid and humble learner. Ardent believer in the spirito-magical power of good food and drink. Listener and friend of spirits.

I live in the Blue Ridge mountains with my husband and kids. My poems have been published in a handful of magazines, and I’ve had an article about I Ching divination published in Witches & Pagans, the Tarot & Divination issue. I also run the blog Hob & Broom at Pagan Square. I enjoy fairy tales and folklore, philosophy and mythology, etymology and onomastics, sewing and crocheting, cooking and eating, being with my family, and learning about my ancestors and the natural world around me. I strive to be both intelligent and kind, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d rather be kind.

I seek to be cunning in the old sense—to know the secret powers of the things around me, the spirits that drift through the world largely unnoticed, and myself.

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