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Review: Paganism for Beginners by Althaea Sebastiani

Paganism for Beginners celebrates the diversity of pagan belief and experience, and encourages the reader to seek out their own truths and personal paths.

The Witch, the Seer, the Fool

Every now and then, I go on a hunt for knowledge about a certain Someone: a name, an icon, a place, ancient practices and worshipers. In the past, I’ve always ended up where I began: uncertain. I feel deliberately called to these hunts, spurred by a mysterious yearning that wells up in me. In my…
Brown leaves on the the ground

All Hallowed: A Contemplation for the Darkening Time

Our dead are in the soil, in the water. Their voices are in the wind. Hear them howling against the window, voices thin as cobwebs, dry leaves? Let them in, warm them, bring them comfort. Their bodies, laid into the earth or burned in the funeral fire, have broken down like the leaves crunching beneath…

Amid the Storms Before Walpurgisnacht: A Benediction

The rumble of Thunder is the beating wings of a golden eagle; lightning is his radiating shriek. He storms through the sky, frightening away the spirits of cold and want and disease that cling stubbornly with frozen fingers, washing the land to make way for the witches of the valleys and mountains. Five nights from…